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The property is the shortest way to obtain Turkish citizenship

Get Turkish citizenship for a $ 250,000 property

How to get Turkish citizenship after buying the property? !!

Steps to obtain Turkish citizenship after purchasing the property 

1- Choosing the right property

2- Royal Eve helps you to obtain all the necessary documents to apply for citizenship with the help of a competent legal lawyer

3 – Provide all personal documents certified by the Consulate of the client country translated and certified by the notary

4. The valuation of the property to be in conformity with its actual value under conditions approved by the Turkish government, not less than 250 thousand dollars

5 – Written commitment not to sell the property before the lapse of three years from the date of purchase

Upon completion of all steps, they are sent to the Ministry of Interior to study the file for a period ranging from one month to one and a half months.

Documents required to complete the Turkish citizenship transactions after purchasing the property:

1- Birth certificate or civil registration

Family book or family statement

3 – Document not sentenced

4. A marriage contract or a document indicating the civil status

5. Passport or identity card

6 – personal photos

Note: To grant Turkish citizenship to all family members (ie spouse and children) requires the same papers with the consent of one parent to the other in order to be granted to children under the age of 18 years and accordingly must provide the following papers:

1- Birth certificate and birth statement

2- Parents marriage contract

3. The consent of one of the parents of the other party

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