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Real estate consultancy

Royal Eve provides preliminary information about the Turkish real estate sector in terms of costs, expected returns, supply and demand. It also provides all real estate and legal services through a selection of real estate specialists in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular.

Royal Eve follows up all the validity of contracts and title deeds and fully verifies the authenticity of the papers of any property sold or rented by our company.

Real estate consulting services are not based solely on residential real estate investments, but on commercial investments such as offices, hotels and shopping centers.

Royal Ev offers the following consultations

  • Tips before owning a property in Turkey
  • Provide the best real estate opportunities
  • See the property on the ground
  • How and how to transfer ownership and receive the title deed
  • Study the feasibility of investment in case of desire to invest the property
  • Extraction of real estate for the whole family
  • Open gas, electricity and water meters for free and without your presence
  • Open a personal bank account
  • Free real estate tours

After-sales service

Royal Eve services do not end after the completion of the purchase process, but continue to include after-sales, where we offer our customers all the facilities they need to equip their properties for housing or investment

Here is a summary of our services:

  • Management of real estate energy facilities, delivery of water, gas and electricity services.
  • Maintenance and management of the property, where you can manage the expenses of the property or rent your property and provide you with reports of return on investment.
  • Furnishing and furnishing, by the interior designers who deal with the company in Istanbul
    Renting and investing the property in case of desire

Properties Management

The purpose of purchasing real estates in Turkey is either permanent residency, visitation during summer and vacations or investing in a property that will yield a return profit.
Either way, purchasing a property for a long term investment or summer vacationing purposes always requires continuous management and monitoring of that property.
Royal Ev team in Turkey will be with you every step of the way to manage these properties’ affairs and ensure them to be always properly prepared for your visits anytime or to finish any adjustments or decorations that you require, in addition to benefiting from their rental and investment return, should you desire it.
The range of services provided within the property management service:
• The service of special cladding, decoration and furniture purchasing by the company’s engineers.
Ensuring the continued rental of the property throughout the year via substantiated contracts between the owner and the tenant.
• Monitoring the financial matters and the water, gas and electricity bills during your presence outside Turkey.
• Overseeing the payment of monthly returns and property taxes.

What does property management include?

Follow-up of the technical condition of the property from damage or damage resulting from the use, and provide the necessary maintenance when needed and also provide a house cleaning service and processing before coming to Turkey for vacation or vacation.
Payment of bills and financial dues due to the property in Turkey, and the billing system in Turkey can be linked directly to the bank account.
Follow-up and payment of taxes on time, including the annual property tax paid to the municipality after submitting the necessary paperwork, annual earthquake and natural pests insurance (which is compulsory), payment of fees and revenues of the residential complex in Turkey which can also be linked to the bank account.
Attend regular meetings of property owners in the residential complex where the property is located in Turkey.
Leasing service and follow-up tenant
Resale, you need to follow the Turkish real estate market correctly and advise you to buy or sell when profitable conditions are available. Royal Life offers you advice and insures you to sell the property in time.
Some of the real estate investors may find the subject a bit easy, but when you have to come to Turkey to follow the finer details about the property in the absence of full knowledge and knowledge of laws in Turkey begin difficulties.

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